ReliXchange Day 7

21. November 2014

Discovering Cairo’s religious treasures…

Our second day in Egypt included plenty of activities, encounters and impressions. In the morning, we took a look at some contemporary religious music from Egypt. We tried to analyze how it pictures women in religion. After our group discussion scholar Omaima Abou-Bakr provided us with some more information about the position of women in Islam – also pointing out controversies among Muslim scholars in nowadays society. Later in the day we visited the NHASD headquarter where we got to know more about the two most important institutions  for Islamic faith in Egypt – the al Azhar and the Ministery of Endowment.

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Apart from all these discussions and encounters, we got to see some of the city today. Namely, the Citadel and the 18th century Muhammed Ali Ottoman mosque, which’s architecture has been considerably inspired by the Hagia Sofia in Turkey.

From the Mokattom Hill we had a beautiful view over the ancient quarters of Cairo. Just like in Berlin, where we met up with some Bahaii people, in Cairo we also learned about a religious minority: the Sufi communities in Egypt. We visited a Sufi dance and music performance. Afterwards, most of us took a  stroll over the nearby market.













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