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Arab Film and Discussion Evening on Morocco, March 5th, 2014

„My Makhzen and Me“ (Documentary), 6:45 pm at Filmrauschpalast, Lehrter Straße 35, Berlin Moabit We cordially invite you to our film and discussion evening on Morocco, which will take place on March 5th at 6:45 pm in the context of our Arab Film and Discussion Series. We will be screening the documentary “My Makhzen and Me” by Nadir Bouhmouch (2012, 43mins, Arabic/English/French with English and Arabic subtitles). The film shows how the young film maker returns to his home country after studying abroad in California, and finds it in a state of turmoil in the summer of 2011. The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt had spread to Morocco. Organised by a group of students called the February 20th movement via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a website called Mamfakinch, people were flooding the streets and demanding change. But the Makhzen (the ruling elite) refuses to loosen its grasp. This film investigates what led to the revolt and what obstacles the people encounter in their struggle for freedom, democracy, human rights and against corruption and poverty. The film screening will be followed by an open discussion on the state of protests and change in Morocco, as well as on their effects on Moroccan migrants in Moabit and Berlin. The evening will take place in English. Attendance is free, donations are welcome. The event will take place at Filmrauschpalast, in the Kulturfabrik Berlin Moabit, Lehrter Str. 35. You can see here where the Kulturfabrik is located.   In regular intervals we screen films which deal with different Arab countries and subsequently discuss the films and current social and political situation in the respective countries with guests from Berlin Moabit as well as with country experts, always aiming to make links to North-South relationships.  The project receives financial support in the context of the quarter management Moabit Ost through funds from the Programme Social City (EU, Federal Government, and Federal State of Berlin).    Flyer Morocco download and share!