Volunteer in Berlin

Volunteer in Berlin

You are based in Berlin and want to volunteer for 14,4km in Germany? This is great, because we are always looking for motivated people of all backgrounds who would like to support our goals and bring in new project ideas! There is a lot to do, so just send an email to us at info@14km.org to find out how we can work together.

Please note: Almost every day we are getting volunteering requests from people all over Europe and the MENA region – which is great, and it makes us very happy to see that so many people want to support our work and aims. Yet due to our experience, long distance volunteering is quite complicated and can be frustrating, so we ask for your understanding that at least for now that we can only take volunteers who are based in Berlin.

We also ask you to only get in touch with us for volunteer work if you can potentially commit for a time frame of at least 10 months.

Please note: This offer is not related to the European Volunteer Service. We do not offer any EVS placements in our Berlin office. Our volunteer positions are unpaid and are not meant to be filled as full-time positions. Depending on your tasks you can count with around 4 to 6 hours of work per week. If you can agree on these conditions, we welcome your application!