MENA Internship Programme

ATTENTION: We are taking a break from the MENA internship programme and currently don’t mediate any internship.

14,4km e.V. offers interested young people the opportunity to do an internship with one of our partner organisations in the MENA region (Middle East/North Africa). Our partners are in particular smaller NGOs and social initiatives which are active in a great variety of fields and offer volunteer placements to people from abroad.

They speak up for civil rights, a stronger civil society and sustainable urban development. Others are active in fields such as the environment, culture and media. Possible work areas for interns and volunteers include economic and social development, conflict research, anti-discrimination work, human rights, civil rights, media, women’s rights, gender equality, urban development, environmental protection, organic farming, art and culture as well as civil society capacity building. The specific tasks and activities vary across partner organisations and applicants and will be decided on in a personal interview with the partner organisation.

Our internship programme distinguishes itself through a fast, flexible and rather unbureaucratic facilitation of internships, during which we aim to achieve the highest possible matching between the interest, study field and capacities of the volunteers on the one and the working fields and requirements of the receiving organisations on the other hand.

Our facilitation of internships in North Africa/the Middle East is carried out exclusively by volunteer members of 14,4km who offer their precious time and competence to make intercultural experiences and civil solidarity possible. We therefore kindly ask you to apply for an internship only if you have thoroughly thought about doing an internship in one of our partner countries and informed yourself about the financial circumstances and the security situation.

Notes on Finances

The internships are usually without remuneration. For the facilitation of the internship we charge an administrative fee of 50 Euros which covers the evaluation of a questionnaire, a Skype interview with the applicant, the search for and communication with an adequate partner organisation, information for preparation, an advance confirmation of the internship (if needed), and a final evaluation. Flights, accommodation, food, and insurance need to be covered by the applicants themselves. The partner organisations usually help with finding a suitable accommodation, if required.


For doing an internship at 14,4km e.V. or with our partners you should be interested in the countries and societies in the MENA region and be willing and motivated to work in small local organisations and initiatives. Proactiveness at your workplace and in finding your way in the host country, intercultural openness and interest as well as the willingness to adapt are particularly important; some spirit of adventure is also good. A good command of English (written and spoken) is also a requirement; for stays in Tunisia, Morocco, and in Lebanon French is very helpful. You should spend at least four weeks doing your internship; time periods between two and six months or even longer are even more ideal. We should receive your application at least 3 months before the envisioned time frame of the internship in order to have sufficient time to find an adequate placement for you.


You can find a collection of Frequently Asked Questions here.

So far we only offer internships for Europeans in the MENA region. However, we are aware that offering internships for North Africans in Europe is something that would be equally desirable, and are currently working on ideas to get started with an internship programme “the other way round”.


An overview of former participant’s experiences during the volunteer programme you can find here.


Get in touch with us and let’s find out together where you are going to spend your future internship! Please fill the following online form or get in touch via in case you experience troubles filling the form.