14km Jute Bag

PräsentationJute bags labelled with our motto “14km – The shortest distance between North Africa and Europe” are available here!

We want to spread the message of just how close North Africa and Europe are to each other! It’s a message that deserves more attention, especially when so many people are fleeing the region and seeking refuge in Europe. We want to send a signal against xenophobia and to promote the building of bridges across these “14km.”

These fair-trade, hand-made jute bags are produced especially for you! You can purchase one (or more!) for 10 EUR* per bag at our next event, such as the 14km Film and Discussion Series. Alternatively, we can deliver if you pay the extra shipping costs – simply email info@14km.org to place and order.


Buy a bag and wear a statement of just how close our cultures are!




* By purchasing a 14km jute bag, you help support our non-profit, volunteer work.