Archives journalières: 29. October 2014

ReliXchange Day 1

What happens when you put together 20 young opend-minded people from two different parts of the world, with different beliefs, in a small hostel in Berlin? They will be eager to learn about each other and make the most of the experience. That's what happened in the first day of the unique experience of ReliXchange. Expectations were high. The participants did not expect less than to discover a new perspective on religion – maybe even on life! To reach this goal we followed our intuitions and let spontanity take over during a theatre exercise that proved that a gesture says more than a thousand words. Thus we tried to free our minds from prejudices and stereotypes stuck in our heads. Moreover, a discussion about the roles of state, community and individual raised a lot of questions. How do these three components interact, and how much power does each of them have over us? There is no easy answer, but maybe the next to weeks will bring us closer to the truth.   A project as part of the German-Egyptian Transformation Partnership The ReliXchange project receives financial support by the German-Egyptian Transformation  Partnership through the German Foreign Office, by funds of the Ecclesiastical Development Services through Bread for the World - Protestant Church Development Service and by the “International Youth Work” Programme of the German Federal Child and Youth Plan through BKJ