This was our Arab Film and Discussion Event about Morocco

6. March 2014

Our fifth Arab Film and Discussion Event was very well attended – on the 5th of March 2014 at 6:45pm all seats were taken by more than 60 people to watch the film “My Makhzen & Me” and to subsequently discuss the film and its topic of Moroccan revolution with our guest.

The film “My Makhzen & Me” approaches the topic from the perspective of the protesting and unsatisfied youth around the ‘February 20th’ movement and its website ‘Mamfakinch’. Film maker and activist Nadir Bouhmouch portrays the initiating protests taking place on the streets of Morocco against the governing elite on the basis of several youtube videos, own film footage and interviews. But the protest loses momentum due to the Kings well aimed tactics of minimal concessions and repression. In addition, the film criticises Morocco’s poor socio-economic situation and deficient educational system.

In the discussion following the film screening, Mohammed Masbah (SWP Berlin) answered many questions from the audience in a detailed and illustrative manner, using his personal experience as well as his perspective as a researcher. For example, he discussed the fact that the movement failed to reach out to many parts of Moroccan society. As a consequence, and also due to the Kings speech in March 2011 and in fear of civil war conditions like in Syria, most people decided to stay calm.

The event was presented by Andreas Fricke (14km e.V.), German-English translation by Anja Gebel (14km e.V.). The restaurant Argana in Moabit (in the process of opening) sponsored plenty of Morrocan specialties. We would like to thank Mai Micklisch (intern at 14km e.V.) and the Filmrauschpalast team for their organizational help and support. We thank the audience for their participation!

In regular intervals we screen films which deal with different Arab countries and subsequently discuss the films and current social and political situation in the respective countries with guests from Berlin Moabit as well as with country experts, always aiming to make links to North-South relationships.

The next Arab Film and Discussion Event will take place on 2nd of April 2014 at Filmrauschpalast Berlin.

The project receives financial support in the context of the quarter management Moabit Ost through funds from the Programme Social City (EU, Federal Government, and Federal State of Berlin).

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Arab Film and Discussion Evening on Morocco, March 5th, 2014 Call for applications: Position as a Volunteer at 14km
Arab Film and Discussion Evening on Morocco, March 5th, 2014
Call for applications: Position as a Volunteer at 14km