How We Work

Our Approach

At 14,4km we understand that there are many individuals and organisations with innovative ideas for co-operations between Europe and North Africa that could benefit their communities. However, many of these individuals and organisations are currently unable to develop them – because they either lack financial or practical support, they do not have the right partners on the respective “other side”, or they simply don’t have the confidence to put their ideas into action. This is where we come in, helping innovative concepts become reality – either by partnering in the development and organisation of projects, of by facilitating contacts within the broad range of our network.


We like to support and realise good ideas between North Africa and Europe that

  • serve intercultural understanding and learning,
  • promote socio-economic and (development)political justice,
  • correspond with the needs and wishes of the target communities
  • and are sustainable.


At 14,4km, we invest in people – and are open to your ideas


Management Style

Our working structure is horizontal and personal – each member participates according to his or her interests, capacity and time in the work of 14,4km. Relevant networks constitute and activate themselves organically depending on the needs of the respective concepts and activities to be developed and undertaken.
Based on our values, 14,4km management is characterized by a slim and transparent structure. We keep office space minimal, encourage staff, volunteers and members to work flexibly and use modern communication tools to connect and work together. An effective and efficient organisation needs good structures and management processes – with this in mind, our objective is to minimise administrative costs where possible and to allocate the highest percentage possible of our resources and funds to projects.