„I really enjoy my time.“

Michael on Lebanon and his stay with Himaya

21. September 2016

*** Dieser Beitrag ist momentan nur auf Englisch verfügbar.***

Michael, Lebanon Himaya

The first thing to say about Lebanon has to be that it is the most fascinating country I have ever been. The difficult political situation, many other problems inside the Lebanese society and in the areas around mixed with the people who try to make the best out of it makes every conversation, every interaction incredibly interesting. At the same time it is also adventurous and exhausting. The traffic, especially in Beirut, is very stressful and you are very dependent on taking taxis everywhere, because of the lack of public transport. Every time leaving the house you need to be really aware of everything. Find a taxi, barge and make sure that you really get to the right place.

However I never felt unsafe during the month I am here now. Everywhere you can find English speaking people who always try to help you in the best way. In general Lebanese people are quite open. It was very easy for me to meet friends, and they always love to show me around and tell me everything what they know about there country. Bild Stand himaya, Michael, LibanonThe work at Himaya is nice so far. The team is great and they integrated me perfectly. After a few days I have not just at work, but also private contact with other colleagues. I have to mention that the language barrier is a little bit annoying at work. With a basic level in Arabic I could do much more tasks in the actual projects. There is work to do, but if you want to experience all the parts of the work in this NGO you will benefit a lot from some language skills.

Thanks to 14km connecting me with Himaya. I really enjoy my time.


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