Vision and Mission

14,4km – a space where ideas have no limits

14,4km is a non-governmental non-profit organisation that promotes intercultural dialogue, exchange, and cooperation between Europe and North Africa/the Middle East.


Our vision of the relation between the Middle East/North Africa and Europe is a relation of good neighbourship, which is characterised by

  • in-depth knowledge about each other
  • mutual interest, understanding and diversity
  • and intense cooperation on eye level, in particular on the social and cultural but also the economic and ecological level.

This envisioned good neighbourship also includes the relationship between social groups of different cultures within both regions.

The name of our organisation not only denotes the actual geographic distance between the African and the European continents. It also stands for how little separates the two regions, and aims to convey the message that we are neighbours and should feel and act as such – even if or precisely because this is something that still seems difficult for some.


In doing what we do, we seek to:

  • foster equal partnerships and transparent co-operations between individuals, organisations and communities from Europe and Africa
  • promote interregional dialogue, mutual learning and intercultural understanding
  • bring social potentials to bear
  • create strong social networks between individuals and organisations from North Africa and Europe
People, their experience and their ideas

At 14,4km, we believe in the power of good ideas and the creativity of people from both regions in developing them together. 14,4km’s approach is based on openness and trust in supporting and furthering European-African partnerships. For us, learning is an endless process and we do it best when we are challenged to change our perspectives and diversify our experiences. Coming from very different backgrounds and nationalities and thus living interculturality in our work, 14,4km members challenge conventional thinking about North-South-relationships in their daily work to make a difference beyond geographic and cultural limits.