Who We Are

14,4km is a non-profit organisation that helps to develop good ideas across border lines. Our founders come from both sides of the Mediterranean, our team works mainly in Berlin. It is our goal to help co-operations and equal partnerships become reality between Europe and North Africa/the Middle East.


Susanne Kappe (Head of Board)
Susanne is coordinating public relations for the 14,4km volunteer programme.  She graduated in political and islamic studies at the Univserity of Heidelberg and spent time in Egypt and Jordan. In several projects she has contributed to promote intercultural dialogue between Europe and the Arab world, especially in the field of human rights. With her experience in communication 14,4km intends to intensify contacts with our partner organisations in the MENA region and to expand the volunteer programme in Germany.


Caroline Bunge (Vice Chair of Board)
Caroline is Vice Chair of the Board at 14,4km. She studied South and Central Asien Studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. After her studies Caroline worked for several months as a volunteer for a women’s organization in Tata/South Morocco. Since then she has been fascinated by the cultural diversity of the country and would like to support development projects and cultural exchanges with this region.

Sarah-Isabell Müller (Board member, Finance Officer)
Sarah coordinates the intercultural seminar at 14,4km. Furthermore, she supports the team with organisational tasks. Sarah studied environmental engineering at the Technical University in Berlin. During her master thesis she investigated the field of olive mill wastewater that occurs during the production of olive oil. In order to gain realistic data and to see the local problematic she did an research stay in Sfax, Tunisia. With her work at 14,4km she wants to spread her overall positive experience she made in Tunisia.