What We Do

Involving different people and organisations from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East is a fundamental part of our activities, making all our events and projects intercultural. We concentrate on shared values and the synergies we can create together instead of focussing on differences. To achieve this we offer platforms for meeting, exchange and collaboration.

14,4km focuses on four different areas of work:

Changing Perspectives in Germany

Through our events and projects in Germany, especially in Berlin, we aim to both impart information about North Africa and the Middle East and promote intercultural exchange.

The majority of our team is made up of volunteers and we are always excited to meet new people who would like to work with us. We also offer internship placements in Berlin.

Working together internationally

Working with our partners in North Africa and the Middle East we plan and organise international and national projects in different areas, such as youth exchanges, media projects, and projects on civic participation.

Making intercultural engagement possible

Another important focus of our work is our international volunteer programme. We organise internships and volunteer placements for young Europeans with our local partners in North Africa and the Middle East.

Enhancing the network

Alongside this we also work as a contact point to support institutions and individuals who are planning intercultural projects linked to North Africa and the Middle East. We help by sharing contacts and networking opportunities as well as supporting project ideas as a potential partner. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we can arrange a meeting to discuss possibilities for co-operation.